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Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding rate is charged at $28/per day/per dog. The day starts when you drop off our dog. Last-day boarding checkout is before 12:00 noon.

Last-day boarding extending after 12:00 noon
will be charged as another day.

If you opt for grooming services on the day your dog goes home,
there is no boarding fee for that day!

We offer a 10% discount for 3 or more pets staying
at the same time, or for a 30-day stay.

Forms to Download:
New Client Form (PDF)
Liability Waiver (PDF)

4' X 8' indoor/outdoor kennel runs are heated inside and covered outside for your dog's comfort. Outside doggy-doors are closed at night.

We provide blankets and floor pads for snuggling. You are welcome to bring additional bedding if desired, it will go home with your dog in present condition so as not to overload our laundry facilities.

All kennel areas at the Dog and I are cleaned with the Wysiwash system, which safely destroys organic contaminants. We are confident that our facilities are very clean! Wysiwash is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, EPA registered and USDA approved, and very safe to use.

Medications: We will provide medicines for your pet as prescribed for $1/dose. Please provide extra doses of meds for your boarded pet, in the event you are away longer than planned! All meds need very clear instructions. If your pet requires insulin and needles please provide extra doses and syringes in case of syringe failure. Talk to your vet well in advance to obtain the extra doses.

Play Yards: All dogs are "temperament tested" to match up with compatible play buddies. Dogs that do not wish to socialize (rare) are not forced to. We DO accept unaltered dogs for boarding and day-care, but for safety these dogs are given a separate private play yard.

Big dogs can run in a large grassy fenced yard with tug toys and balls to play with. We provide a wading pool in summer and large "igloo" houses for outdoor napping. Big dogs are only socialized with other big dogs of similar size and temperament.

Little dogs play in a smaller social yard, with a covered area and shallow wading pool in summer. See photo on our Daycare page.

Food and Bedding: All dogs eat and sleep overnight in their own kennels. You are welcome to bring your pet's regular food and bedding (see bedding note above), but please leave your dogs own toys and food bowls at home. We feed "Kirkland" brand chicken and rice dry dog food to our boarders.

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