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Cat Grooming and Boarding

Cat Grooming:
Starts at $60 and includes bathing, plus brush-out and shaving as required to alleviate unhealthy matting of the coat.

Cat Boarding:
Each cat stays in a "kitty condo" three-tier run with a rug (see below), a litter box, bowls and a fleece "Hidey Cube" or cubby bed. We provide Kirkland dry cat food with canned food as needed. You are welcome to provide your cat's own food from home for food while boarding.

Boarding Fees:
$14/per day/per cat. The day starts when you drop off your cat. Last-day boarding checkout is before 12:00 noon. Last-day boarding extending after 12:00 noon will be charged as another day. If you opt for grooming services on the day your cat goes home, there is no boarding fee for that day!

We offer a 10% discount for 3 or more cats staying at the same time, or for a 30 days stay.

Boarded cats are required to have had FVRCCP, FELV and Rabies vaccinations within the previous twelve months.

Care of Senior Cats:
We define a senior cat as above the age of ten years. Some senior cats can find boarding stressful. Please plan to discuss your senior cat's special care with us when you book your boarding dates. Thank you!

Medications for your Cat:
We will provide medicines for your cat as prescribed for $1/dose. Please provide extra doses of meds for your boarded cat, in the event you are away longer than planned! All meds need very clear instructions. If your cat requires insulin and needles, please provide extra doses and syringes in case of syringe failure. Talk to your vet well in advance to obtain the extra doses.

Hours of operation: Mon - Fri: 9AM to 5PM. Closed Sundays and Holidays.

Unless in emergency, we ask that hours of operation be respected as this is also our home.

We have a very busy dog show schedule, so please check with us well in advance for daycare availability.

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